Vehicle Related Pet Deaths are ALARMING!....Here's How to Stop it.


In the US alone approximately 1.2 million dogs are killed on the roads each year. The number of cats killed on the roads in the US every year is even higher at an approximation of 5.4 million*.

In most of these cases, these dogs were hit for a relatively simple reason that can easily be prevented. These dogs cannot be seen by the motorist, and the drivers only spot the dogs after it is too late. Even light colored dogs, become impossible to see under the cover of night.

Nobody thinks it will happen to their beloved pet, until it is too late. Don’t let your pet become another statistic!

So, how do we help stop these easily preventable deaths? The answer is simple:
Make your dog or cat more visible at night to oncoming traffic!

There is an incredibly simple yet effective product that can greatly reduce your pet’s chances of getting hit by a vehicle.

Use an LED pet safety collar.

These collars are cheap, stylish, and most importantly, effective! Simply put it on your pet and push the button to turn the LED light on and keep your dog visible no matter where they are.

This is the same basic concept runners and cyclists use to stay safe in dark conditions.

I’ve actually had one of my dogs hit by a car and it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. I can safely say that if I had just had this collar on him, the driver would have clearly seen him and been able to avoid the accident.

Whether you get it from us or someone else, please make the simple decision to keep your pet safe today. It just might save your pet’s life.

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